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As ULTRA works in the restaurant.

ULTRA is a modern software suite that makes servicing in your establishment completely transparent (for you) and improves its quality (for your clients). You will gain full control over your establishment even if you are thousands miles away from it, and can rest assured that your employees will receive round-the-clock technical support on-demand.

Main features:

• full commodity and financial accounting in a single software solution;

• analysis and bookkeeping;

• past order management;

• client support;

• theft and abuse risk reduction;

• flexible discount and bonus system;

• department management: accounting, reception, halls, sales, reservations, checkout.

Operation Modules

The first module is “FRONT-OFFICE” aimed at managing establishment halls:

• convenient and fast order input + Android-based operation.

• transfer of orders directly to the kitchen;

• simple splitting, combining and printing of receipts;

• opening and closing shifts;

• client and employee identification;

• multiple payment options: cash, credit cards, accumulative bonuses;

• liking waiter to a table and receipt + an option to transfer the table to another employee;

• convenient hall map display.

The second module is “BACK-OFFICE” made for accounting and financial report analysis. It was specifically designed in collaboration with accountants and owners of various establishments in order to make the provided information properly structured and easy to understand.

Convenient analysis allows you to instantly see the most ordered services, sales for any period of time and by any employee, cost-effectiveness and prime cost of any service and much more.

Therefore you will be able to make CLEAR and FAST management decisions. ULTRA software suite helps you to keep the books “for yourself”. The information you get will be purely in-house, allowing you to do financial reports your own way.

Additionally, ULTRA can form more than a 100 of reports businesses will find useful, including:

• net earnings by date, division, receipt, time, client, employee;

• client activity;

• mutual settlements statement, stocktaking statement, workload;

• income invoices log;

• summary sale statement;

• turnover balance;

• flow of funds;

• financial statements by date, item etc.

To put it simply, ULTRA software allows doing all the accounting on turnkey terms. In addition, everything is clear and precise, so your employees won’t be able to resort to prevaricate.

   How does ULTRA improve the quality of work?

• Employees identify clients by their cards and instantly receive information about their taste, attendance frequency, services received, items purchased etc.

• Receipt and bill printing (with precise prices) prevents abuse by employees.

• Automatic calculation of receipt amount, personal discount (bonus) record.

• Client can receive notifications about discounts, new products, special offers and holiday greetings, thanks to the SMS notification system.

The software is very simple to use and easy to learn. We’ll train your employees and help configure everything turnkey.

 More than 3000 establishments in Ukraine have chosen ULTRA not only due of its extensive functionality, but also thanks to its convenient pricing policy:

The cost of ULTRA software – from $45 per month.

Moreover, $45 per month is less than $2 per day. No hidden charges for additional features + round-the-clock technical support for your business.

 For more information, contact us by phone: +38 044 361 33 70


CLIENT FEEDBACK - Angela Play video
Shop assistant, Big Red Box store
What does ULTRA mean for us? With it we can do accounting without using countless notebooks and journals. Considering wide assortment in our store, ULTRA is the best solution.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Olena Play video
Administrator, ChiliPizza restaurant network
New and interesting solutions and delicious cuisine - this is what we do. ULTRA has provided us with another way to surprise our clients. ULTRA Mobile allows us to be one step ahead of our competition.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Tetiana Play video
Administrator, Kleopatra restaurant network
We value our guests and partners, and that is why we've chosen ULTRA. Evertyhing is precise, fast and easy to understand. And if we have any questions - ULTRA is always here to help, as the company's partners work throughout the entire Ukraine.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Hanna Play video
Administrator, Kapu$ta Club
It's important for me as an administrator to keep the establishment's operation under control. ULTRA enables me to do this. Our clients are also happy with the deposit system and turnstile-control, as nothing stops them anymore from having a good time.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Victoriia Play video
Administrator, Ellada fitness club
We've been working with ULTRA since our opening day and we're very satisfied with our choice. Working with the software is easy and convenient, all the necessary information is there. Our clients are happy with the service.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Olena Klymchuk Play video
General manager, Artal restaurant
We're only getting ready for the opening, but we've already taken care of the high-quality software for our establishment. Of course, we've chosen ULTRA as they're the only ones who offered us a new solution to improve the quality of our service.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Iryna Play video
Administrator, Noi restaurant
We've made sure that ULTRA considerably improves the quality of service. The software really works and we like that.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Serhii Play video
System administrator, Nova Budova fitness center
Being a system administrator, I evaluate technical aspects of the software and its reliability before anything else. ULTRA is a high-quality and easy to maintain software that I can recommend to be used in fitness centers and other establishments.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Olha Fedoriak Play video
Administrator, Nova Budova fitness center
We have a lot of clients, therefore ULTRA has become a real helping hand for us. Our clients receive fast and high-quality service, and our employees get convenience in their work as well as all the necessary information. And all of that thanks to ULTRA.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Roman Play video
General manager, Mriia Kozaka cafe
This isn't the first year we've been working with ULTRA, and we're fully satisfied with it. Our service has gotten faster, work has become more convenient, and I as the general manager can receive all the necessary information in just a few clicks.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Mykola Bezkorovainyi Play video
Owner, Hosteviia recreation complex
ULTRA representatives not only taught us to use the software, but also helped us configure all the equipment. New technologies helped raise the bar for our establishment, and we're not the only ones who notice this, but out clients as well.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Maryna Derkach Play video
Manager, Beer & Blues art-pub
Our establishment is new, and we've been working with ULTRA since our opening day. This software was positively received not just from our waiters, but also from our accountants, as its analytical part really helps them in their everyday work.

программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Yevheniia Play video
Waitress, Terra Mare trattoria
I was introduced to ULTRA since my first days of work here at trattoria. The software turned out to be very convenient and had a lot of benefits compared to similar solutions that I had to work with previously.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Olexii Play video
Administrator, U Dominikana hotel & restaurant complex
Our establishment wants to say a big thank you to the ULTRA team for making such a software solution. It helps our waiters and accountants greatly. If we have questions, we send them to Alen company, ULTRA's partner in our region, and everything gets solved in the shortest terms.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Vita Vehera Play video
Accountant, Lia Mazhor restaurant
To me as an accountant the most important aspect of the software is its accuracy and the ability to receive full information about the current state of things at any given time. With the help of ULTRA I create reports for management and to analyse establishment's operation.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Tetiana Rossadiuk Play video
Operations manager, Nova Budova fitness center
I'm the manager of Nova Budova fitness center, and it's important for me to control all the aspects of our establishment's operation. Therefore using ULTRA was the best decision for this task. I recommend ULTRA software suite to all of our partners, as it helps greatly.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Serhii Stepanov Play video
Manager, Momento pizzeria
We've been working with the software since 2009. It allows us to peform detailed analysis of our entire establishment operation. This software was recommended to us, we tried it and found it suitable for our needs. ULTRA is the key for our success.
программа автоматизации ULTRA

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ULTRA is the modern software developer for trade and entertainment establishments. Over 12 years of successful partnership with domestic and foreign enterprises allows us to position ourselves as the leader in specialized software solutions.

Knowledge of national accounting specifics as well as world servicing standards helped us to create a unique automation system that can unite all the business processes into a single tuned mechanism. Our software solutions help regulate internal accounting of establishments and considerably improve the quality of service. Thanks to the dealer network and partners ULTRA software suite is available for everyone regardless of their location.


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