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for providing technical support services and usage rights for ULTRA software

ULTRA IT Ltd. and/or its partner (the “Contractor”) and a person entering this Agreement (the “Customer”), (collectively, the “Parties”), agree as follows:


1.1. The Agreement on the provision of technical support services and usage rights for the ULTRA software (the “Agreement”) is concluded in compliance with Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine by incorporating the Customer into the Agreement as a whole. The terms of the Agreement are the same for all Customers, and the implied acceptance of those terms (through payment by any method according to part 2 article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) is considered confirmation of acceptance of this Agreement between the Customer and the Contractor.

1.2. The Contractor provides the Customer with the usage rights and/or technical support services for the ULTRA software (the “Software”) installed at the Customer’s workplaces, resulting in this Software operating in accordance with the payment made by the Customer to the Contractor. For the purposes of this Agreement, the usage rights and/or technical support services are hereinafter referred to as “Supply Product”.

1.3. The provision of the usage rights for the Software is performed through generating activation keys that make it possible to activate the Software. The provision of technical support services and the Software usage rights is performed by the Contractor in the form of consultations provided to the Customer by phone or email and by remotely accessing the Customer’s computer equipment over the Internet. For the purpose of implementation of this Agreement it is also acceptable to use email addresses specified in this Agreement for email correspondence.


2.1. The Contractor commits to:

2.1.1. Provide technical support services and/or Software usage rights to the Customer in the course of and in accordance with the procedure and conditions stipulated by this Agreement.

2.1.2. Ensure the proper operation of the Software.

2.2. The Contractor has the right to:

2.2.1. Provide the Customer with recommendations on the usage of computer hardware and the Software.

2.2.2. Stop the provision of technical support services and the Software usage rights to the Customer in case of payment due date violation by the Customer until this debt is repaid.

2.2.3. Initiate changes to this Agreement by publishing them on the website.

2.3. The Customer commits to:

2.3.1. Comply with the recommendations of the Contractor regarding the usage of computer hardware and/or the Software.

2.3.2. Comply with the payment due dates for the services of the Contractor, provided for in clause 3.2 of this Agreement.

2.4. The Customer has the right to:

2.4.1. Receive technical support services and obtain usage rights for the Software from the Contractor in accordance with the procedure and conditions stipulated by this Agreement.

2.4.2. Have the Contractor ensure the proper operation of the Software.

2.4.3. Receive consultations in case of proper fulfillment of his or her obligations under this Agreement.


3.1. In compliance with the norms of the Civil Code of Ukraine, namely, but not exclusively, Chapters 61, 63, the Parties agree that the fee for usage rights, maintenance, consultancy, services is charged/paid under this agreement without the need for any other documents in accordance with the prices listed on the website. The Customer chooses the Supply Product manually by checking the box next to the desired Supply Product on the website or by receiving an invoice from the Contractor in any form. The Customer agrees that the invoice is formed automatically based on the Supply Products of his choice.

3.2. The Customer pays for technical support services and Software usage rights to the Contractor in the amount stipulated in clause 3.1 of this Agreement. The payment must be made by the penultimate working day of each month for the next period by transferring funds to the current account of the Contractor.


4.1. The Contractor provides technical support services the Software usage rights through its contact center.

4.2. The payment made by the Customer of the Supply Product serves as the confirmation of the provision of the Supply Product by the Contractor.

4.3. The services can be provided in the form of information or answers to questions by phone, email or any other form of communication, technical support, the ability to receive new versions of the Software by the Customer or consultations through the contact center. The Parties agree that no other documents confirming the provision of technical support services and the usage rights for the Software are used, and the Parties confirm that the email specified in this Agreement is valid for the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.

4.4. The contact email address of the Contractor is:


5.1. The Parties acknowledge that any information concerning the terms of this Agreement and the financial standing of the Parties is confidential.

5.2. The Contractor can log all the contacts with the Customer in order to help solve the issues the Customer may encounter.

5.3. The Contractor can also use the information provided by the Customer.

5.4. The Contractor takes every possible measure to protect the information provided by the Customer from unauthorized access, editing, disclosure or deletion.

5.5. The Contractor can inform the Customer about the services of the Contractor, for example, notify the Customer about the upcoming changes or improvements.


6.1. The liability of the Parties for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement is regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.


7.1. The Parties shall not be liable for partial or full default on obligations under this agreement, if it was caused by force majeure such as fire, flood, earthquake, military actions, provided that these circumstances directly affected the fulfillment of obligations of this Agreement. The certificate issued by the competent authority of Ukraine serves as the confirmation of force majeure occurrence.

7.2. The Party that fails to fulfill its specific obligations shall inform the other Party about the commencement or termination of such circumstances.


8.1. This Agreement comes into force from the moment of its signature by the Customer and remains in effect until the complete fulfillment of obligations by the Parties under this Agreement. Signature on the Customer’s side is performed by checking the box next to the phrase “I agree with the terms of this Agreement” or by payment for the Supply Product.

8.2. All amendments and additions to this Agreement are valid only if they are posted on the website.


9.1. In cases of disputes or disagreements, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve them through negotiations. In cases when it is impossible to settle the disputable matters through negotiations, disputes are resolved in the Economic Court.

9.2. The law that governs this Agreement is the legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. The Customer understands and agrees that in case of disagreement with the contents and form of this Agreement or its separate provisions, the Customer has the right to refuse to conclude it.

9.4. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Customer confirms his or her legal capacity, including the achievement of the age of 18, the lawful usage of the bank payment card (if used), and recognizes the responsibilities for the obligations imposed on him or her as a result of the conclusion of this Agreement.

9.6. The Parties confirm that this Agreement meets the actual intentions of the Parties and is not in the nature of a fictitious or a sham transaction, is concluded in accordance with the actual will, without any use of physical or mental pressure and on favorable terms, and is not the result of difficult circumstances, the Agreement is concluded without the use of deception or concealment of essentially important facts. The Parties have a clear understanding of the meaning and terms of this Agreement, its nature and legal consequences, want the legal consequences created by this Agreement to commence, and affirm that the Agreement stipulates all the essential conditions. The Parties confirm that they are not considered to be incapable or partially incapable.

The accession to this Agreement affirms full understanding and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the Customer.


Shop assistant, Big Red Box store
What does ULTRA mean for us? With it we can do accounting without using countless notebooks and journals. Considering wide assortment in our store, ULTRA is the best solution.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, ChiliPizza restaurant network
New and interesting solutions and delicious cuisine - this is what we do. ULTRA has provided us with another way to surprise our clients. ULTRA Mobile allows us to be one step ahead of our competition.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, Kleopatra restaurant network
We value our guests and partners, and that is why we've chosen ULTRA. Evertyhing is precise, fast and easy to understand. And if we have any questions - ULTRA is always here to help, as the company's partners work throughout the entire Ukraine.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, Kapu$ta Club
It's important for me as an administrator to keep the establishment's operation under control. ULTRA enables me to do this. Our clients are also happy with the deposit system and turnstile-control, as nothing stops them anymore from having a good time.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, Ellada fitness club
We've been working with ULTRA since our opening day and we're very satisfied with our choice. Working with the software is easy and convenient, all the necessary information is there. Our clients are happy with the service.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
General manager, Artal restaurant
We're only getting ready for the opening, but we've already taken care of the high-quality software for our establishment. Of course, we've chosen ULTRA as they're the only ones who offered us a new solution to improve the quality of our service.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, Noi restaurant
We've made sure that ULTRA considerably improves the quality of service. The software really works and we like that.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
System administrator, Nova Budova fitness center
Being a system administrator, I evaluate technical aspects of the software and its reliability before anything else. ULTRA is a high-quality and easy to maintain software that I can recommend to be used in fitness centers and other establishments.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, Nova Budova fitness center
We have a lot of clients, therefore ULTRA has become a real helping hand for us. Our clients receive fast and high-quality service, and our employees get convenience in their work as well as all the necessary information. And all of that thanks to ULTRA.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
General manager, Mriia Kozaka cafe
This isn't the first year we've been working with ULTRA, and we're fully satisfied with it. Our service has gotten faster, work has become more convenient, and I as the general manager can receive all the necessary information in just a few clicks.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Owner, Hosteviia recreation complex
ULTRA representatives not only taught us to use the software, but also helped us configure all the equipment. New technologies helped raise the bar for our establishment, and we're not the only ones who notice this, but out clients as well.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Manager, Beer & Blues art-pub
Our establishment is new, and we've been working with ULTRA since our opening day. This software was positively received not just from our waiters, but also from our accountants, as its analytical part really helps them in their everyday work.

программа автоматизации ULTRA
Waitress, Terra Mare trattoria
I was introduced to ULTRA since my first days of work here at trattoria. The software turned out to be very convenient and had a lot of benefits compared to similar solutions that I had to work with previously.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Administrator, U Dominikana hotel & restaurant complex
Our establishment wants to say a big thank you to the ULTRA team for making such a software solution. It helps our waiters and accountants greatly. If we have questions, we send them to Alen company, ULTRA's partner in our region, and everything gets solved in the shortest terms.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Accountant, Lia Mazhor restaurant
To me as an accountant the most important aspect of the software is its accuracy and the ability to receive full information about the current state of things at any given time. With the help of ULTRA I create reports for management and to analyse establishment's operation.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Operations manager, Nova Budova fitness center
I'm the manager of Nova Budova fitness center, and it's important for me to control all the aspects of our establishment's operation. Therefore using ULTRA was the best decision for this task. I recommend ULTRA software suite to all of our partners, as it helps greatly.
программа автоматизации ULTRA
Manager, Momento pizzeria
We've been working with the software since 2009. It allows us to peform detailed analysis of our entire establishment operation. This software was recommended to us, we tried it and found it suitable for our needs. ULTRA is the key for our success.
программа автоматизации ULTRA

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